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3 Step Succulent Centerpiece

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I made this, hehe! I’m not usually very crafty... but I had this vision for our dining table centerpiece and decided I had to try! And it was very easy...

1. Purchase these 3 items: Bowl, Succulents, White Rocks. 

2. Pour the white rock into the bowl

3. place the succulents throughout the top of the bowl :)

Told you it was easy! Full disclosure.. I did mix in some real succulents because we had them in our yard and i wanted to try. So started with a couple real succulents the bottom of my bowl has soil and roots. I then poured the white rocks on top of the soil to hide it and started to insert the faux succulents where needed. 

I encourage you to try this! I love the organic wood bowl I used, it is one of my favorite/must have interior styling items, but of course you can use any bowl you like!

Originally posted on Sep 12 2019

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