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DIY Crate Coffee Table!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

4 easy steps to create our wine crate coffee table, for under $100!!

DIY Crate Coffee Table

Step 1: Purchase 4 wooden Wine Crates like these from Amazon: Wood Crate Carry All

Wood Crate Carry All from Amazon

Step 2: Stain the crates. Lowe's Home Improvement store has an impressive line of stains. You could also paint it, but staining wood, to me, brings out more of a rustic look. We used a dark walnut stain for the contrast we were looking for. 

Dark Walnut Stain

Step 3: Assemble the crates: Screw the 4 crates together in the fashion shown below. Since the planks are 3/8 inches thick, thin screws in the center of each will prevent cracks. We used two screws on every other plank separated by about 4 inches which allowed for a very solid structure. Then attach to a base. We used a 3/8 inch plywood which seemed to be a good fit for this job. It is just thick enough to endure the stress of use and thin enough that it isn't super heavy. Make sure to give a 1/2 inch border to the square drawn on the plywood and don't forget to stain the base on one side! 

Dark Walnut Stain

Step 4: Add some fun decor to match your style and enjoy!

Modern Beach Home La Jolla

Hope you like our DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table!

Cheers, Danielle

Originally posted on Feb 24 2020

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