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How to Create Your Own Coastal Inspired Playhouse

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Some of my best childhood memories are when I was a little girl playing in my backyard with my neighborhood friends. I loved my little red playhouse sooooooo much and I have always wanted to give my kids those same experiences with their friends in our backyard. BUT let's be real I definitely needed this playhouse to be aesthetically pleasing.

For Mason's 2nd birthday his Pop and Nana found this super cute playhouse at Walmart and as part of the gift my wonderful father-in-law also committed to build it. Of course Mason was dying to be a big boy and help Pop build the playhouse and oh boy was he the cutest little builder ever. It truly was so special watching the two of them build the playhouse together even though it might have been more of watching Mason hand Pop tools.

After it was assembled I did go ahead and buy paint from Benjamin Moore. The original finish was a bright red and tan color. We taped off the trim and left it white, but if I did it again, I would paint before attaching all the white trim pieces so that you don't have to tape anything off. We painted the body this gorgeous soft blue and the roof and door this dark gray. I wanted to have more casual coastal look so I used Benjamin Moore's Opal Silk and Shadow Mountain paints. My sister, beautiful little niece, and Mason all helped out with the painting.

And here is our finished look! We created a little porch out of bricks and parked the Mercedes out front. I was so happy with how it looked after and it only took us about two days to do everything. If you're looking to make your child's playhouse a little more unique I would say to go for it! Mason has special memories now after building and customizing it with his Pop, Aunt Lala, and Cousin Isla. I can't wait to watch the boys grow up playing and making memories in their coastal cool playhouse.


Dani California

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