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My Top 5 Coffee Table Books for Home Styling

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Here are my top 5 favorite coffee table books for both styling and entertainment!

My #1 right now is Surf Shack: Laid Back Living By The Water by Nina Freudenberger.  

Styling wise it is the perfect blend of light colors and has that modern coastal feel which is my favorite style to work with. And all the pages are filled with vibrant colors, beaches and homes across the world! Cant get much better than that!

"A colorful tour of some of the most unique surfer abodes around the world, from Melbourne to New York City." —Architectural Digest


A great option for kitchen styling and filled with 75 creative recipes that will keep you out of any salad rut!

"Salad—with its infinite possibilities—is a game of endless combinations, not stifling rules. And with that in mind, Salad for President offers a window into how artists approach preparing their favorite dishes."


#3 Sofas: 340 Iconic Designs By Agata Toromanoff

With a modern vibe and history of all the different sofa styles throughout time.. this is such a fun book! It brings on conversation and style!

"To many, the sofa encapsulates everything one associates with home―a place of relaxation, comfort, and calm."


#4 Mother And Child By Claiborne Swanson Frank

Maybe because its pink.. or maybe because I'm a new mommy and just love the idea of this book, but.. I just love this book! It is so beautiful inside and out filed with images of families and mothers. It would make for such a thoughtful gift to a new mom or add that pop of color you need in any space. Maybe this is my #1, it's just so me :)!!

Best book for expectant mothers!


I choose The Bucket List as one of my top coffee table books because we are a family of big travelers! And I feel like any travel conversation can spark amazing stories, laughter and remind you of beautiful memories to share. So why not get the conversation going with this stunning book sitting on your coffee table!

Happy Styling!


Originally posted on Nov 5 2019

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