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Studio McGee Comes to Target!!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I don't know about you, but I am beyond excited about Studio McGee coming to target!! Sooo since I'm spending all my available home quarantine time shopping the new collection I decided to do a quick round up of my top 5 picks from the new Threshold™ collection at target designed with Studio McGee! 

The Palisades Hourglass Concrete Side Table

#1. The Palisades Hourglass Concrete Side Table I love using accent tables to add in new materials and textures. If you already have a wood coffee table and metal bookcase, then a concrete accent table could be just what you need to round out the space. 

Decorative Wooden Vase Natural

 #2. Decorative Wooden Vase Natural This wooden vase collection is the perfect touch in completing your #shelfie styling! With or without greens I love how they can add an organic touch to any space!

Wooden Upholstered Ottoman

#3 Wooden Upholstered Ottoman I feel like these ottomans are exactly what I am always looking for. I mean they are stunning, comfortable, versatile, the list goes on! Oh and affordable! I've placed my order for 2! Im hoping I can make them work in front of our fireplace, but if not I will find a place, I need them in my house ASAP! :) 

Woven Drawer Console Table

#4 Woven Drawer Console Table I have been on the hunt for a console table for a current project and this one has already caught my eye on Pinterest a few times! It's simple but has that something special with the woven drawers, and it seems very functional for an entry way with a few drawers and shelf for baskets. Its currently sold out, but if you are looking for an entry way console I think it will be worth the wait!

Woven Plaid Pillow Grey

#5 Woven Plaid Pillow Grey I just had to include a pillow in my top 5! It wasn't easy picking one favorite pillow but this one stood out in a lot of different images. And again I love adding different texture and patterns with pillows so this one fits the ticket perfectly! 

Happy Staying home and Shopping!

Love, Danielle

Originally posted on Apr 9 2020

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